Hello. My name is Victor David Jr. I’m 32 years old.

11938964_768038449984887_524409203_nI’m a graphic designer. In this department, I make web designs, infographics, and sometimes print materials. My hobby is playing guitar, especially rock music. In addition, I had often ridden motor cycle before. But I stopped it since having my family.

About Japan. My favorite food is “tonkatsu”, “california maki” and all kind of “ramen”. My favorite word is “Banzai”, “Kanpai”, “Aishiteru”. I like the word of “Kanpai”, but I drink just sometimes.

The goal of my life is to be successful in career. And provide good education for my daughter born about 4 months ago.

(名前)      ヴィクター・デイビッド・ジュニア

(年齢)      32歳

(仕事)        グラフィックデザイナー、ウェブデザイン、インフォグラフィック11937931_768038436651555_300609760_n

(趣味)      ギターを弾くこと                                                                             昔はよくバイクに乗っていた

(好きな日本食)   豚カツ、巻きずし、ラーメン

(好きな日本語)   ばんざい、愛してる、乾杯

(目標)      仕事で成功すること                                                                        生後4か月の娘によい教育を受けてもらうこと。


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